Galloping Goop Equine Products

Galloping Goop Products

Galloping Goop is the best for removing dirt and grease from your horses coat.

It cleans without stripping the coat's natural oils and is enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to nourish the hair and skin. 

Galloping Goop leaves your best friend with silky soft, super shiny hair, and healthy skin.

Step 1 - Galloping Goop Degreaser

Galloping Goop Degreaser is specially formulated to remove the most difficult soils and stains from your animal’s coat. It will help solve all the difficult issues, such as removing sap, tar, excess grease and oil, and yellowing, that a shampoo cannot.

Galloping Goop Products - Shampoo

Step 2 - Galloping Goop Shampoo

Galloping GOOP Shampoo is the next step after degresing and will remove any excess residue and clean the coat completely, leaving it lustrous, full of body, and grease-free. 

Galloping Goop Products - Conditioner

Step 3 - Galloping Goop Conditioner

Galloping Goop Conditioner puts the finishing touch on the precess and will deeply condition and moisturize your animal’s coat, mane and tail, leaving it healthy, shiny, and soft.

The Starter Pack

Try the Starter Pack and get everything you need to clean your horses and tack. 

- 4.5 Lb.Can Degreaser
- Gallon Degreaser
- Gallon Shampoo
- Gallon Conditioner 

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